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Fairies in my room?

Started by Poldugarian Warrior, July 16, 2010, 03:15:56 AM

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Poldugarian Warrior

I'm looking at this site at 4:12am, and this bug comes flying by. I take a closer look and it looks sort of like a fairy. Now I can debunk and say that what everyone was seeing as fairies in the old days and now are just, bugs but this was different, it had the form of a fairy, but then all of a sudden the fairy landed on my computer screen, wouldn't you know it was just a green bug. So the search continues, i reallt thought I had somethin special.


faeries=magic. have you thought maybe it didnt want to be seen and so transformed INTO a green faerie?
Belle the Kat

Clan Procrastination's Ambassador to the Seelie & UnSeelie Courts


You have to believe to see it for what it is!  The fae was using magic to hide itself!
Got faerie dust?

Poldugarian Warrior

I thought of that as well, but I'm not much of a believer in magic, but a believer of beings we haven't seen yet, sure. I'd be cool if a real fairy showed itself.