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Why is Opening Weekend the best?

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Hi, Everyone

I'm planning on going to the Bristol Faire this year for the first time.  I've been to the one in Atlanta and a small one in Kentucky.

What's good about opening weekend?  It seems like that's when things might be a little disorganized and still working the "bugs" out.


cuz Rage, LadieDragon, Erynn, and I will be there :)

also because its good energy because all the local rennies have been dyingg to get back to their local faire so they usually try to flock out

I think Bristol has been around long enough not to hae opening day "jitters"

Its LD * my first time there and that was a 3 day weekend for me.

You get first pick of the lovely goods for sale, the grass is still grass, the energy is incredible.

It's like going back to school over the summer.

You get to see friends you have not seen in a long time.  You get to show off you new garb, arms, spouse, or new lack thereof.  ;)  There are new things to see and new things to buy.  You get to meet people in person that you have only spoken to online.  It's the culmination of all the excitement that has been building since the faire closed it's gates for the season.


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