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Something Is Always Happening At Castleton


A good draw for Castleton is that they have several events throughout the year to keep people coming back.  A lot of faire sites have haunted houses in October.  Some even have jousting tournaments out of their Renfaire dates.

The Castle has done a good job of marketing itself by also selling fireworks in July, having the haunted theme, hosting a Boare's Head Feaste in November & lighting up the place for Christmas.  They sure get income frequently throughout the year.

Why don't more Renfaires do that?  Besides the ones on soft sites, of course.

Emerald Shaunassey:
Alot of it has to do with what time of year the Festival holds it's ... Ren Festival.  Some festivals, like TRF, run for so many weekends and have so many different themes that they only need run for that set time each year.  For some festival owners, they just don't want to mess with the expense of the additional events (or it could be for other reasons).  It also doesn't hurt Mr. Hiller that he is one festival owner that has never hurt for any kind of financial backing for his festival or any other project he sets his hands to; he's just been lucky enough to take that financial independence and turn it into advertising and marketing dollars to perpetuate the cycle.  Again, not every hard site festival is so lucky - some are the tax write off for multiple corporate festivals.

Just my tuppence

Ahh, the old "deep pockets" trick.  That indeed helps a lot.  I wish more Renfaires had lots of sponsors to keep a good cashflow coming in.  That helps bring in the good talent & feed them.

We'll have to see how Tulsa's King's Champion Medieval Faire develops over the next few years.  Perhaps some good sponsors will help it take off like a dragon!

Emerald Shaunassey:
Tell me about it my friend - I'd love for a well off person or group of persons to take MoRF under their wing and make a few healthy sponsorships to ensure it continues to grow and provide entertainment and delight for all patrons. 

And I hear you on the support for KCMF - I wish there were more that could be done for it as well - it has the great potential to be something but, it is struggling badly right now.  Sponsors are so hard to come by for anything that isn't already established, a 501 (c)3, or carry a celebrity or sports team name.  Makes it very frustrating to keep beating one's head against the proverbial brick wall.

Ah well, those who are most determined will succeed!

Have a good one

Boarshead feast November 20 at Castleton.  Tickets in hand.   ;D


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