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Whew...I found ya'll!

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Wow, that was weird. I know it had been awhile after fair before I went to post on the forum, but it wasn't that long. I know it was within the last two months and bamo I couldn't find the site! It took me about a month, but thank goodness I finally found it...I missed you guys. Hope you wanted to be found. LOL!

   Liking the new format.  ;D

Welcome home, Mmketeer! Glad you made it to what started out as a liferaft and is turning in to a full-fledged ocean liner.

Glad you found us 8)  I missed everyone....when I see your names I see your faces and smile....giggle

NoBill Lurker:
Welcome Back!
Glad you've found us at last!

NoBill Lurker:
Also don't forget to post a new introduction in the ....... wait for it ......

Introduction thread!  ;D


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