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Whew...I found ya'll!

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Anna Iram:
Aww..I have this picture of you wandering lost in the woods. Guess we should have left a trail of breadcrumbs for you.

Hey! You have to post a pic as your avatar too! Well you don't have too......

Here's the link to the how too thread. The posts near the end explain how to do it.

....and welcome home MMketeer.  :)

Nathaniel Blackheath:

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome... I'm glad to be back. It was getting pretty scary out there in the woods all alone. <BG>

I went to the home page, but I didn't see a Intro section, so I needless to say I didn't post anything. Besides, ya'll know me and that's good enough for me. :)

   Lady Anna, I would post a picture of myself, but alas I have lots of pictures of ya''ll and even some of my mom at BARF, but I didn't turn the camera (Oops...I mean 'Magic Box") on myself so to speak. ;)

Anna Iram:
Mmketeer, I can send you a couple I have in a folder. Alas many were lost to the war of 08 here.

NoBill Lurker:
How about this one?


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