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Balloon fencing arena and Jail setup for sale


L Dale Walter:
I am selling the setup for the Jail and the Balloon Fencing currently at Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire. Includes everything you need to run 2 successful booths at the fair. Both booths have become landmarks at the faire.  I just don't have time to run them anymore.  They would make a GREAT fundraiser, and could be used at other fairs/shows as well.

Balloon fencing setup includes:

-6 4x8 aluminum framed platforms with legs
-Clamps to attach them together
-Protective rails
-10 fencing jackets
- Masks with clips for balloons (I think there are 6)
- 4 Sabres with replacement blade
- 16 Gloves
- Jacket rack
- Round Renaissance type tent
- Chain fence to surround booth
- signage

Jail setup includes

-Jail front, sides, and signage
-format for Warrents for arrest

E-mail me if you are interested.

L. Dale Walter

trey bowlin:
I realize that this is an old post, but am interested in the ballon fencing set up. If you still have the equipment, I would be intetested in speaking woth you.



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