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Renaissance Festival Podcast #138 – Awards Show
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Renaissance Festival Podcast #138  Awards Show

August 3rd, 2010               

Music  from Empty Hats, Pyrates Royal, The Dregs, Crimson Pirates, Owain  Phyfe, Neidfyre, Craig of Farrington, Cast in Bronze and Rick Nestler  /Phillip Hole
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 Marc Gunn performing at the Blackthorn Village Renaissance Festival and Louisiana Renaissance Festival
 This Week: Phillip Hole Red is the Rose from Digging It
 Cast in Bronze Reflection from Spirit of The Bells
 Craig of Farrington Mary Mac from Blue on Blue
 Neidfyre All Around my Hat from Duck Feet Waddling
 Owain Phyfe My Fate from Bards Poets and Singers of Song
 Crimson Pirates Rockey Road to Dublin from Come and Be a Pirate
 The Dregs We be Soldiers 3 from Thank You Sir May I Have Another
 Pyrates Royale Mist Covered Mountains of Home from Black Jack
 Empty Hats Happy Man from 5
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 Marc Gunn with Lorella Loftus reading The Faire is Over

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