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Shows and performances for the YEAR OF LEGENDS (2010)
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2010 Performers  : HOW ABOUT ALL OF THIS?    ;D ;D ;D ;D

Knights of Valour Joust Troupe  
Entertaining audiences nationwide with award-winning shows of horsemanship, bravery and chivalry, these knights will thrill you as they clash in full-contact jousting astride magnificent war horses.  Spend time with these champion riders at their display of armor and weaponry, and see their beautiful steeds close up.

Mayor’s Welcome to the Queen
Byllerica welcomes Queen Elizabeth to town with song and merriment and perchance a swordfight.  Here is where patrons can find out why Heroes: King Arthur and his knights, Robin Hood and his men, and Peter Pan and Villains: Mary, Queen of Scots, Sir Mordred and his henchmen, Sir Guy of Gisborne and his men, and Captain Hook and Mr. Smee are in Byllerica.  Are these the real Heroes and Villains or just the villagers having some fun with the Queen?                                                

Society for Creative Anachronism
How did people live their daily lives during the Renaissance and before? Come to the SCA village to see. Demonstrations are presented throughout the day in the arts, crafts, cookery and of course -- fearsome battles. New this year: pike drills. Come be a mercenary soldier (audience participation)!  

The Quest
A Fishers Renaissance Faire exclusive. Children of all ages will enjoy this educational adventure.  While interacting with historical and legendary characters, questors will collect answers to questions they are assigned, learn about Heraldry, and be educated on courtly manners.  Those who achieve their goals will receive a certificate and a keepsake.  Quest Station: 10:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m.  (FREE) (note: Questors must return to the Quest station by 4 p.m.)

Molotov the Gypsy
The crafty scoundrel Molotov delights and entertains with a hilarious mixture of magic, juggling, fire-eating and outrageous stunts. Each show is different -- and a sure-fire hit with crowds of all ages.

Shattered Shakespeare   *NEW THIS YEAR*
 A two-man, comedy Shakespeare show shattering 400 years of classical theatre in 25 minutes or less! Enjoy their take on Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth and Green Eggs &Hamlet.  Hillarious antics for the whole family!

Knotty Bits    *NEW THIS YEAR*
A family friendly sideshow act that presents traditional feats of daring and skill with a healthy dose of humor.  See impossible feats such as walking on broken glass, lying on beds of swords, foreign objects thrust up the nose, tricks with a bullwhip and more.  The daring Sylver Fyre will also perform a veil dance  dangling 20 feet above the ground before plunging down to the ground (and catching her fall mere inches from the ground).  Fun for the whole family.  
William the Conjurer
Capturing the mind and imagination of his audience, William the Conjurer will amaze, entertain and inspire you to question – How?  The magician’s tradition is a sure delight for friends and family!  

Battle Royal   *NEW THIS YEAR*
Sir Mordred , Mary, Queen of Scots along with their entourage challenge King Arthur and Queen Elizabeth and their companions for control of the throne of England.  ‘Tis Hero versus Villain in combat most deadly: who will reign supreme?  

The Queen’s Madrigal Choir
A selection of vocal music performed by the Fishers Renaissance Faire Madrigal Choir  for the amusement of the Queen and fairegoers alike.    

King Arthur sightings  *NEW THIS YEAR*
The Legendary King Arthur and his knights have returned to England as was promised in the days of yore.  They will be wandering the faire helping those on the Quest, damsels in distress and knighting the worthy.  – wandering the faire throughout the day .  
?   Excalibur Scene:  King Arthur has become a denizen of Byllerica’s Gaol and the Lady of the Lake has arrived to rearm him with Excalibur.  Will the constables release King Arthur?   10:35 a.m.  at the Gaol/Well at the center of town (10 minute show)
?   King Arthur spies Sir Mordred at the Kid’s Karnivale and attempts a reconciliation.  Will it work? 11:15 a.m.  at the Kid’s Karnivale. (5 minute show)

Robin Hood  sightings  *NEW THIS YEAR*
Robin Hood and his merry men have arrived in Byllerica due to a malfunctioning spell cast by one of the faeries.  The Byllerica tax collector better watch out!  Take an opportunity to meet and greet them –throughout the day wandering the faire.  
?   Robin Hood and his band arrive in Byllerica to much confusion. Don’t miss Robin and Little John’s famous Quarterstaff fight!  10:15 a.m.  at Essex Gate (front gate)
?   Robin has decided to hold an Archery Contest for the denizens of Byllerica to celebrate his return.  BUT Sir Guy of Gisborne has devious plans for Robin and his men and has decided to enter the tourney.  Will Sir Guy turn the tables on Robin?  (FREE: Audience Participation) Archery Contest at 1:45 p.m at the Kids’ Karnivale (see Kids Karnivale heading  for more information)

Kids Karnivale
Brought to you by the local “Kiwanisdictine” Order, this game area is a favorite of children. Fight with a friar...
find your way out of the maze…enjoy  clever games made just for the younger set.  Also an Archery Contest:  Join Robin Hood and his Merry Men to compete for a daily prize, but look out for Sir Guy of Gisborne and his croneys because they not only want the prize but they also want to finish off Robin (NO ENTRY FEE, but limited number of entries will be accepted.  This is for children aged 6 and older).  

Can a statue bestow magic? Come learn the ancient tale surrounding each sculpture and how it just could come to life for the curious adventurer. Scrolls explaining the mystery are given to all who approach the statue.  

Punch & Judy Puppet Show
Mousetrap Puppet Theater brings a traditional show loved by children of all ages, complete with chases, sausages, slapstick and plenty of confusion to go around.  

Argyle Graehme is a master of the magically macabre, His flair for conjuring, illusions and humor will confound and entertain young and old.

Dragon Scale Consort
The Renaissance was renowned for delicate and charming music, and this ensemble delivers authentic renditions that please and entertain listeners throughout the day.

Minstrel Woode
A popular duo from faires far and wide, Minstrel Woode brings a collection of folk music gleaned from their wide repertoire of songs for young and old.  

Drunk & Sailor
Don’t miss their songs about drinking…their songs about sailing… their songs about drinking and sailing!                        

3 Pints Gone  *NEW THIS YEAR*
Celtic music with high energy and 3-part harmonies.  Songs of love, war and inebriation.  Engaging performance that leaves the audience feeling like an old friend.  

Kings Court Singers
The award-winning NCHS madrigal choir performs to please royalty and common folk too.

Publik Gaol
Arrests -- public humiliations -- potential beheadings … Going medieval on ye’ couldn’t be more fun!  See the Sherriff deliver his own style of Elizabethan justice at The Sheriff’s Court.

Danse Macabre
A traditional dance of the dead through the streets of Billericay.

The Byllerica Washer Wenches
They gossip, recite Shakespeare, talk about men and sometimes wash clothes.  Byllyrica Commons -Throughout the day.

Queen’s Glade
-   Courtly Life. Games, gossip and goings on.  How  did 16th century well-to-dos have  fun and pass the time? Come visit, relax, play a game and chat with the lords and ladies of the court about daily life among the Gentry and Nobility.  
-   Queen meets Queen: If Queen Elizabeth had met Mary, Queen of Scotts what would they have said to each other? Here’s your chance to find out!
-   Meet the Queen. Her Majesty always enjoys meeting the people; especially the children, and has set aside some time to do just that.  If you wish to be presented to the Queen please make your way to her court at this time.
o   Note: The Queen will be wandering about Byllerica all day.  Feel free to catch her eye as she does her walk about and speak with her.  But be respectful else her guards may cart you away to the Gaol.
Faerie Glade
-   Lunch at the Fantastical Glen. See how the Faeries eat their midday meal and speak with them about faerie food and wine!  
-   The English Lion recounts fantastical tales of Olde England
-   Faerie Tale Theatre lets the young or young at heart help tell the tale.
-   Fantastical Costume Contes: Mortals have their place, but show us your best fantasy costume for a chance to win a "fantastical" prize.  
-   Fantastical Frivolities and Frolics
-   Meet Your Fae. Learn about the habits of some of Billericay's otherworldly creatures as well as general faerie lore.
-    Faerie Path. Where did it come from?  Where does it go?  Follow and find out!

Reformation! Sunday morning worship service
A reenactment of a Protestant worship service led by John Knox, known as the Scottish Firebrand, inspired from records of his travels through Byllerica on return to Scotland. Conjurations Stage – Sunday, 10:30 a.m.

And  in the Lanes:
Minstrel Teig
Year of Legends characters: The Giant Pied Piper, and many more!
Chase scenes and fights
The denizens of Byllerica
Queen Elizabeths’ Jester  and so much more!

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