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We have been looking at going beyond our Michigan Ren fest, and we are attending the Mid-MI one in Frankenmuth. We have looked at this one but aren't sure what the 'draws' are.

Beyond the fact they are a Ren fest, I thought I'd ask here what do you think is the 'best' part of the fest are? Is it worth the 3 hour drive for us?

I don't know why fests insist on being during the hot months! AH!

Poldugarian Warrior:
It's fairly small, there may be a craftsman/woman there that has a unique piece, but there are only a few shows, and one food tent, but then again that was 2 years ago, it could be bigger and better now. Just like Mayfaire was small a few years back and it got better. So I say if you got nothing better to do on a weekend take the drive. Frankenmuth is just a few miles away from that fest, if you run out of stuff to do at the faire.

Silverleaf is a decent size ren faire.  Bigger then Mayfaire but not nearly as big as MRF.  There are plenty of shows and you will not be bored.  Check out their website if you want any questions.  It takes an entire weekend to see all the shows and shops.  I usually see all the shops and only have time for one or two shows when I go once a year.  I like the fact that there are trees and the shops are well done even though they are only tents.  The shows are really good and my favorite part of Silverleaf is the Rogue Blades and Ric Roc show.  Can't go wrong there :)

Captain Cornelius Howard Duckman:
I think this got moved wrong... the poster was asking what made silverleaf a good faire, not mid michigan...

Village Idiots - Kevin:
Agreed, although the wording made it a bit confusing and I believe it got off topic.


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