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Yes, this got moved to the WRONG forum. I had this in the right one. Can you move it back please?

Captain Cornelius Howard Duckman is right, I was asking what made silverleaf a good faire, not mid-michigan.

Village Idiots - Kevin:
For me, the draw of any renaissance faire is the amount of entertainment you're getting for the cost. Silver Leaf has many top national acts, such as The Rogues, Pirate Shantyman and his Bonnie Lass, The Tortuga Twins, The Village Idiots (cheap plug, but we rock at life. Seriously, we do...I'll bribe anyone that says otherwise). Wine and Alchemy is a HUGE draw nationally, and Bocca Musica is hysterical (way more geared to adults). Honestly, all of the acts are top notch...Knights of Iron is even putting on the Joust this year, and I am VERY anxious to see what Dale has in store for us with that.


--- Quote from: LAVAGODDESSSS on September 03, 2010, 09:32:42 AM ---We have been looking at going beyond our Michigan Ren fest, and we are attending the Mid-MI one in Frankenmuth. We have looked at this one but aren't sure what the 'draws' are.

Beyond the fact they are a Ren fest, I thought I'd ask here what do you think is the 'best' part of the fest are? Is it worth the 3 hour drive for us?

I don't know why fests insist on being during the hot months! AH!

--- End quote ---

I am sorry....I was confused.  Looked like you were talking about MMRF to me. 


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