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No Halloween Weekend this year?


Did I see this right? It goes from October 2/3 to the weekend of the 23/24?

Lady Gwyndolyn:
That is correct.  There were a lot of people that had complained about it being on Halloween weekend.  They are still having their "Haunted Hallows" themed weekend for the kids to trick-or-treat around the village.  And with a paid adult, a child in costume gets in free.

What a shame, I bet a lot of people still enjoyed being there halloween weekend. They still came didn't they? Just annoys me that they complain but still showed up. Ruins it for those of us who enjoyed it.

Lady Gwyndolyn:
not everyone is happy about it.  But, between the weather, the time change, the darkness at closing, it wasn't the best situation for the merchants or the cast and crew.  So I can understand, but I do miss having it on Halloween  also..

Just glad I looked closely, we had a huge weekend planned and then realized it wasn't going to be Halloween. Maybe next year you can do it again! Every other year? :D

I understand too, just bummed!


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