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any shops willing to sub-let me a small area (for selling) ?


Hi.  Shannon here (southeast Michigan, near Warren/Detroit).  I have considered "doing" M.M.R.F., but am not able to afford a tent, or insurance.  Anyone willing /able /allowed  to let me have a table area of like...3 ft. x 3 ft. to sell some clothes/mugs?  I have card tables, and canvas table covers to bring.  (and of course I'd be in costume).  It would be so great to empty out some of my goods boxes...I have too many items taking up room /could use the $ more.   Thanks for any info.  You can answer here, then I will give out my Yahoo address.  ---Shannon

Lady Gwyndolyn:

Contact me via email at whough@midmichiganrenfest.com


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