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The Rabbi:
     Might I introduce my new personna as a Keyper of Magic. I am Hadrian a noble elf whose woods were destroyed by an evil dragon many years ago. Since that time I have wandered the lands slaying these evil beast. After a great battle exhausted and wounded I finally slew one more of these foul beast and as I was about to collapse I heard yet another dragon approach. With my last ounce of strength I fired three rapid arrows into the heart of an innocent. This Dragon had been sent to aide me as the council feared my demise and sought to assist me and bring my bloodlust to an end by seeking my help in thier own battle against evil. No matter how good my intentions my actions still required I be held accountable for the slaying of an innocent. it is for that reason I am now doing Pennance as a Keyper of The Magic. Elven kind must step forward or the magic may forever be lost to mankind.

One can understand dragons being fearsome beings.

I once had a teacher, a dragon of iridescent scale.  He asked me to do what I thought was a strange deed one day, when rumors came that a band of mercenaries were searching for my mentor's supposed hoard of treasure.  The dragon asked me to actually join them to learn what a true, ancient wyrmkin does:

I heeded his words, and made my residence temporarily at an inn.  As per tales, the treasure-hunters came by, as it was the biggest and the only inn open at the time.  My luck was good; I pretended to be persuaded to join as a local guide to where the feared elder had his residence.

Following my mentor's instructions, I lead the well-armed dragon hunters to his lair, seemingly against any rules of common sense.  Contrary to most dragons, my teacher laid out no traps, and had called back his other guardians, leaving his domicle a quiet, empty place.  The dragon hunters were unnerved by this, as I lead them on.  They were quite suspicious of me, but the layout was obvious, so they were not scared of a trap.  This time, I entered the treasure room; the door was unlocked.  I have never been in here, however, the instructions I was given was to enter, then duck aside into a protected vestibule once the dragon hunters found out what was inside.

What was inside would have been the stash of many a king's ransom.  However, my mentor was far smarter than to just let wealth just sit.  Inside were rows and rows of file cabinets, each with many documents of IOUs and documents of investments -- the wealth of a dragon was quietly invested in the kingdom around, making it secure and the land a strong place, free of war.

The dragon hunters were disappointed in neither treasure nor revenge, but they did understand why the area was free of bandits and marauders now.

The ironic thing is that the dragon's real treasure room was passed through on entry and exit by the mercenaries without even a second glance.  The true treasure kept there was the dragon's library, where with the arcane works stored within, gold became a useless trinket.

The Rabbi:
 I would gladly concure Dragons for the most part are wise and gentle creatures but with all things there are good and evil even amongst the dragons. And I the noble Hadrian have tried even in my lust for revenge to be just and fair helping others when possible walking on the side of good. Alas a deed was done and no matter how much good I have done I must still be held accountable for this action. Upon a trial held by the Council of Dragons in the Fae Ring of Glangevlin punishment through Pennance was dealt out. It is now my duty to keep the spirit of magic alive in a world where magic is quickly fading. The smile and wonderment on a young childs face, the look of gratitude of an elderly person as they realize that they are still important if only to a passing stranger these are truly magical moments.

During Sherwood, a dragon-kin has been summoned; gated in from her realm of her free will.  There is a dragon faerie among the fae folk's ranks.  How long she will choose to remain in the forest is her decision.


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