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This painting is identified as Mary Tudor, Queen of France.

Her clothing actually looks more like a member of the Spanish / Imperial Court.
Does anyone know the exact provenance of this painting?

The painting below was labeled as Margaret Tudor.

However, compare it to the painting Jean Clouet below and you will see why I have my doubts.

The paiting below has been authenticated as Margaret Tudor.

This one is identified as a portrait of Elizabeth done in 1550 by Levina Teerlinc.
Though not labeled, the artist rendered miniatures for a very small circle of royal females. Mary, Elizabeth and the three Grey sisters. Since Mary would have been too old in 1550, and the grey sisters too young, most scholars agree that this is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth of York, Wife of Henry VII of England and mother of Henry VIII.
With her pale complexion and golden hair, Henry VIII was said to resemble her more than his father. If the labeling on the painting wasn't enough to identify her, she holds a white rose, the symbol of the house of York

A rather gruesome side of Renaissance art. The effigy below is in Westminster Abbey and was modelled on the death mask of Henry VII. In this effigy you can see very little resemblance to his slightly more famous son.


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