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wanting to get into jousting more....

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ok first off I am a girl! lol big shocker this yes I am sure a girl that wants to learn how to joust....
don't know if I am the first do so butt I kind of doubt it....just don't really see it all the time. But I would love to learn from people at my new local faire (St.Louis) since I am going to be moving to the st.louis are in the spring.

I would be willing to do anything it took to learn, I just want to do this for something fun to learn if anyone can help me I would totally love that.

Sherwood Forest Faire is actually having a jousting
school sometime in the near future, I think its on their


oh ok awesome I will google that that faire in MO or somewhere else? hmm I noticing from the google search I did its in TX, sadly I can't make that kind of road trip......which I did figure was going to be half my problem....I was sort of hoping beyond hope that some of the knights that come to st.louis might be on the site.

yes it's in Texas, I think they are trying to make it an annual thing,
so maybe next year(I'm hoping to make that one)

but it looks like they provide everything, horse, armor, weapons,
liability waiver, everything you need ;)


that certainly nice....just not to convenient right now since I am getting ready to go back to school in the spring, lol as well as i am going to try doing something stuff at the artist alleys of some conventions here in and around MO so yeah kind pressed for time...thought I to get more involved int the st.louis faire so maybe I can talk to the guys out there when that season begins.


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