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For garage sale type items.  Please no shops unless you're going out of business and giving deep discounts.

I have a huge load of college textbooks that I am still trying to sell from up to a year ago.  Renmail me if you are interested and I'll get together a list of everything I have available.  While I have mostly theater books, I also have music, sociology, and history books, as well as a few novels and the like.  I am more trying to get them off my hands than anything, and since the college bookstore gives crap for buy-backs, I'm selling at a much discounted price.  So, if there are any college kids looking for textbooks, hit me up and see if I've got anything you're looking for. 

Sorry for the Late late late posting of this, theres been waaaay too much going on this past couple of weeks. 

This weekend, (Jun 14th and 15th) PrincessDeEspana and I will be having a garage sale at her parents house at 9431 Autauga Street in Houston.  Both days will be from 7 am to 4 pm.

gotta run, too much to do!


Drake Starsong:
I have some computer books I'd like to get rid of, for all you computer geeks out there. Off the top of my head I have a Cisco network certification book, linix/windows 2003 server  administration book, and a bunch more...if you are interested drop me an e-mail for a full list and for prices!

Tami MacLeod:

--- Quote from: Mischka on June 06, 2008, 08:13:48 PM ---Sherrilyn Kenyon's paranormal, vampiresque Dark Hunter series - lot of 10 books!  I love this series, but have already read them, and don't tend to read books twice.  Check out if you're not familiar...

Fantasy Lover (light spinewear)
Night Pleasures
Night Embrace (light spinewear)
Dance with the Devil
Kiss of the Night (heavy spinewear)
Night Play
Seize the Night
Sins of the Night (moderate coverwear...scratched)
Unleash the Night (heavy spinewear; used bookstore stamp on bottom edge of pages)
Dark Side of the Moon

Asking $15.00 + shipping - that's only $1.50 per book!  Shipping is $10.45 via USPS flat rate box and includes required delivery confirmation.

Returns within 7 days only if item has been misrepresented.  Shipping is not refundable.

I accept PayPal (bank account only) or postal money order.  Send me a private message if interested!

--- End quote ---

I would get it but I like millions of others wont link their pay pal to their bank account, so i am out of luck

great buy tho
have a great weekend


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