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Getting ready to list my knee-high (20 eye) Doc Marten's on eBay, but if anyone here wants them, pm me & make an offer...

They're practically brand new (I've only worn them once; thanks to my calves I've found one more thing I'm "too much woman" to wear), super shiny (not patent, just well maintained) and I even have an extra pair of (never worn/used) insoles I'll include. They say they're a size UK 6/ EU 39/ US 7, but I wear an 8 and the fit my feet just fine. I'll try to have a picture up later tonight : ) I have a pic up on my Facebook page ~ pm me if interested and I'll send you a link  :)

I have a bunch of faire items for sale. What can I say, my collection needs to be re-sized. These items are as follows:

1 pair of lightly used size 9 women's thigh high boots from renaissance leather
1 pair of used size 8 women's thigh high boots from Oh My Goth in Denver, CO
2 leather pouches average size
1 pewter "reaper" dagger
1 pewter dragon dagger
1 sterling silver flask
1 alligator hide flask

For pictures, see the link below. Of course I am willing to ship, and accept paypal. PM me for prices, or with offers.

<iframe width="480" height="360" src=""></iframe>

Merlin the Elder:
The dog didn't hunt.... I mean, the link is ill-formed.

sorry, try this link


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