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Gwen aka Punstergal:
This only helps folks in the Acadiana area of Louisiana, but I'll be having a moving sale at the end of the month (Last weekend of August 2008) and probably the first weekend of September as well. I am in South Lafayette, and I have a TON of craft supplies, fabrics, Magic the Gathering cards, general household stuff, school supplies, baby stuff, and a zillion other oddities. Also, FROGS.. lots and lots of frog stuff.

If you are interested in digging through anything and are in the area, email me. I am generally around all day and don't mind digging out boxes. Otherwise, feel free to drop an email for directions to come to the moving sale and see it all spread out.

BTW-- a lot of the sale will be INDOORS, where it is nice and cool and not affected by rain or shine, yay!

I have a ton of Japanese language and Korean language mangas (graphic novel comics) for sale. I also have some other assorted books and tons of incense. If you are interested in any of this, send me a pm and we can discuss it.

Gwen, if you have any garage sale leftovers that you want to send this way, I can pick them up next time that I am over there and offer them up to the people in the Houston area. I am sorting things for a garage sale, but it will have to wait until hurricane cleanup is over and I have a clear yard.

Hi all!

I just listed a big portion of my camera equipment on ebay.  Anyone looking for a great camera and/or lenses  should check it out.  And those of you who know me know I baby my equipment, so there are no worries to whether or not you are getting a good deal.  I set up the auctions so that people can make offers on the equipment too.   :)

NEW Canon 20D Kit

USED Canon 20D body

NEW Canon 28-105mm II USM Lens

Canon 18-55mm Lens

Vivitrar Series 1 100-400mm Telephoto Zoom lens (What I used to take pictures of the moon with!)

Just the Vivitar lens left....anyone need a major telephoto lens?   ::)

Capt. Bacardi:
Got a few geeky (star wars, star trek) Christmas ornaments for sale plus a sword....


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