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Need Ideas!

Started by Shilori, October 24, 2010, 06:05:07 PM

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Hey everyone,
Last year when I did my first faire, I bought a costume from an online business because I needed it fast. This year a friend is making my costume, and I am SO excited. Slight issue here...My costume is black and blue, and I had planned on being a water fairy, because this is how I am most comfortable and frankly, water is beautiful :) I am not sure what I could add to my costume to make it more "water like" should I go with blue wings? multicolored wings? I would definately like some ideas on this, any idea is welcome!! Also does anyone have any makeup tips for fairies?


Black and blue makes me think Fairy of Deep Water. If you are making your own wings I could see them shaped like waves and in dark blue colors with just light blue at the tops (the caps, if you will.) I would add decorations of items you would find in deep water. I don't have time to delve deeper right now but I wanted to give you a place to start! :)
Amanda  =D

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Thank you! Definately something to think about!!!!


I like the dark blue with black tips, you could also have seaweed on your dress, and a net with some seastars on it hanging from your hips like a skirt.

As for make up that is harder. I struggled with that myself, but I would make it a bit lighter, otherwise you will be very dark, and if you are working with kids, they might get a little scared. I personally look in the halloween costume stuff. I get some shiny blue eyelashes, and work with some of the blues they have. Tehre is a nice fairy makeup kit at walmart that might be something you would be interested in, you can always modify it as you see needed.
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