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Lady Tess:
I thought this would help everybody (new & old) get to know each other and it'll help us all recognize each other this season at the faire. I will start...

My name is Tessa, I'm 24 years old (will be 25 on August 10!) and I live in North Carolina (about 25 minutes from the faire). I work at the YMCA, in the Childwatch. We take care of kids 8 weeks old to 10 years old, while their parents work or exercise. I work in the preschool-age room (2 & 3 yr olds) every morning, the school-age room (4 to 10 yr olds) on Monday evenings and the toddler room (walking to 2 yr olds) on Wednesday evenings. I love animals! I have two rats (Daisy & Lily) and two bunnies (Max & Mylo).

I went to The Carolina Renaissance Festival for the first time when I was 15 years old, with my best friend at the time. I remember going to a Don Juan & Miguel show back then, and also a Blackenshear the Curious show. And I do remember going to a London Broil show, but I didn't get as into them as I am now until I was 19 years old. I have been to EVERY London Broil show for the past two years (2007 & 2006). 2005, I only missed three shows (in two days - had to leave early one day and get to the faire late the other day). 2003 and 2004, I could only go to the faire on Saturdays and a few Sundays. I've also been to The Georgia Renaissance Festival a few times (loooove The Lost Boys and Barely Balanced.. and The Flying Debris) and The North Carolina Renaissance Festival (in Raleigh, NC).

Want to know more about me, just ask!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here Are My Pictures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is me with my friend Mary and The London Broil (i'm wearing the crown)

Here I am with Duncan, Matt & Louie on the last day of the faire  :(

Here I am with the guys (The London Broil) after their theatre show

This is me & Geoffrey (he's Nash in The Lost Boys)

Here I am at The GA Ren. Faire, with Barely Balanced

Me with just Cameron & Dreagn

Okay, I think that's enough. But hopefully I will look different this year at the faire.. I am trying to lose weight.

Great idea, Lady Tess!
Here's my intro...My name is Ashley and I'm 29 years old. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and began attending GA Ren Fest at 15. I'm a stage manager for theatre/opera by degree and that's my chosen career path, but I work days as an accounting supervisor at the High Museum of Art to support that career!
I met my husband (who is an opera singer) at a gig in Brevard, we're partial to a lot in NC and we spend a lot of vacation time near Brevard and Asheville. We love hiking in the Pisgah National Forest. I've lived and worked at theatres in Norfolk, VA (Virginia Stage Company and Virginia Opera) and Houston, TX (Houston Grand Opera) but I'm glad to be back in my home town. My husband and some colleagues have started an opera company in Atlanta called OperaSouth and I've been doing a lot of Production Management and Directing for the company which I really enjoy. We have 2 dogs (Kiri and Taylor) and are hoping to start a family within the year. My brother moved to Charlotte (Huntersville) last year, so I'm looking forward to staying with him when we come up to CRF.
I love music and photography...and have been going to several photography classes since I got a Digital SLR. I also scrapbook...that's my new hobby! I have so many great pics from GARF this year that I need to get in my book!
I look forward to meeting you all and like Tessa, just ask if you want to know more!!
And now...for some pictures....

Here's me with the Nickel Shakespeare Girls (I adore them)

And my handsome husband

And my pups (Kiri's on the left and Taylor is on the right) They were really tired...if you can't tell!!

Lady Tess:
Hi susannah! My dad does digital photography. Him and my mom are in Costa Rica right now, where he leads a photography tour through the rain forest. This is their third or fourth time. They're going to Brazil in November. Birds are his specialty, but he also does any type of wildlife. is his website.

I look forward to meeting you at CRF. You will be able to find me at any of The London Broil shows.

Blessings of the day and well met all!

Several years now I have been visiting Fairhaven at CRF. On many days I play along as Brother Timothy of Fairhaven Abbey, but don't be surprise when I wear the saffron kilt of Clan M'Crack as Dubl'n M'Crack. As chapter chief of the local M'Cracks of Western North Carolina I will be your host for the M'Crack invasion that last weekend of faire. Of course all R/F are welcomed.

I've done many things over the years from rescue squads to teaching History in college. I actually have a degree from an Abbey and currently lend my talents to the Health Information Services of the Novant Medical Group.

On the R/F web site you'll usually find Brother Timothy in Dead Man's Tavern and during the year visiting friends at other faires in Raleigh, Tenn, and Maryland.

My wife and I look forward to seeing everyone at CRF this year.

I am gonna have to find some pictures of me sober and clothed ... easier said than done.

I am Scotsman. Need I say anything else?
Anyway, my better half (or three-quarters) Lady Guinness and I visit your great shire religiously on the closing weekend each year for the past 4 - 5 years. We do love coming and frolicking with kith and kin in the great South. We especially enjoy when we have the opportunity to host you in MDRF. Please come visit us!


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