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NCRF looking to move to Knightdale....

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I can see you in that role. Good luck on the rest of the run.

I've heard that there was a real lack of vendors. Was there still a lot to do and see? I'm going this weekend and I was supposed to go Saturday and Sunday (taking my little brother on Sunday) and I'm starting to think I should cancel my hotel reservation and just go one day...  :-\

Anyone with info or pics would be much appreciated.

There are not many vendors. There are several shows though and even though Moonie was only there for the first weekend there will be another act showing up to fill his time slot. Also the new joust troupe that we have is really good and even better they work with rescue animals. And yes pictures would be great, I was not able to get any myself.

Thanks  :)

Planning to go there on Saturday.  Hope they have a good turnout of people.


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