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Earliest copy of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa found.

Started by Anna Iram, February 01, 2012, 11:41:51 AM

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Anna Iram

Believed to be painted alongside Da Vinci as he worked on his masterpiece. Said to be better preserved and showing detail difficult to see in Leonardo's. I'd love to see this.

Rowan MacD

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I am stunned.. (shouldn't be)  I was aware that it had been altered over the years but it is striking the posability of how much!  Such detail.. The lace.. the ringlettes..  the BACKGROUND!   So beautiful.

Anna Iram

I know! Interesting note on Rowen's link. The artist gave her eyebrows. :)


thank you for posting that
to be honest
I like the Prado version better.
Much more life and interest in my opinion
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Rowan MacD

  It is much lighter and a bit bigger than the original too.  This one looks to be about twice the size of the Louve painting.   
  I love that she has eyebrows! 
What doesn't kill me-had better run.
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19.7% FaireFolk pure-80.3% FaireFolk corrupt


Ok... I just have to ask...     Does that background have a slight aire of LOTR about it?   Just a smidge?    Think Tolkein illustrations.. then look at that..,. then to Tolkein... then to that...   hmmmm?

Anna Iram

It''s...Mordor!!!!  :D

Funny, it does remind me of the illustrations on a set of LOTR books I have from the 1970's.

Looking again at the two paintings I think there are indeed eyebrows on Da Vinci's portait, but like the veil she wears, they are nearly lost beneath the aging varnish. I do hope one day soon she is restored.


This is great. Maybe one day the Prado will let the Meadows exhibit it and I'll get to see it in person!

One can hope.
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