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Lady Rosalind:
Hi folks! I am in need of some knock-out trim, for our Queen's new gown. I know that we used to have a thread on the old forum with links to online sources for trims, but I can't seem to find a replacement here. Could I prevail upon folks to share their trim sources here? We've looked in a few places, but the bookmarks are on her laptop, not mine... (Lady Kathleen, what was the name of the lace where you found the black and gold trim for the Mary Queen of Scots gown?)

Thank you all!!!!!  ;D

http://www.homesew.com ->Really great variety of notions

http://www.ebay.com ->  sellers:    
1stcdotnet : has a lot of old sari trims that can be reused on various medieval and Renaissance projects
heleborus71:  Good vintage and antique trims
heritagetrading: New trims done in antique and vintage styles
crownrose:  good, generic Renaissance/SCA type trims


I haven't purchased anything from them personally, but the person making my wedding gown {way too daunting for me to attempt - I STILL haven't finished my 'simple' skirt!  >:(} recommended that site when we were picking out colors, etc. They have TONS of trims and the prices seem to be reasonable {hence the name, I suppose  ;) }


Also on Ebay, I can highly recommend Zuke989 for trim.  I have ordered trim from this person several times and have never been disapointed.

  They don't have a store, but here's a link to their profile:  http://myworld.ebay.com/zuke989


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