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Trim sites round-up?

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Rowan MacD:

--- Quote from: Lady Kathleen of Olmsted on November 29, 2010, 12:57:25 PM ---Calontir and Pillaged Village are my go to trim sources.

The Pallidia Passamentre trims are lovely, but very expensive. I have one of their trims on the bottom of my Mary Queen of Scot's forepart of the underskirt. One yard cost me $15.

--- End quote ---
    I see Calontir trim at most of the SCA wars and other kingdom events, just in case you like to touch the merchandise and see the colors before you buy.

Wow!  So many great places to look!  :)  So little time... (or should I say 'sew' little time, which is what I have for sewing right now!   :(

Rowan MacD:
  Heads up!  CelticTrims started their online FaceBook Page.  50% off your order if you use the BDAY coupon  code!
  I saved 79.00$  on more than 50 yards of gorgeous trim!

Rowan MacD:
  I got my trim order today.  Gorgeous!




http://aweta.hyucw.servertrust.com/product-p/6151.htm  (In black and gold)


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