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Casa Loma Renaissance Festival cancelled.

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I just got an email today from one of the organizers at Casa Loma stating that they have decided not to host a renaissance festival in 2011. No reasons given, but I believe that show has been in a bit of a decline for a coupla years now. They didn't say if they'd try again in 2012, but my guess would be not.

On the flipside of things, this opens up a prime piece of calendar real estate for something else!


Hausfrau Monica:
That is a sad piece of news.  The atmosphere there is wonderful and we had such a great time there last summer meeting with and making new friends.  I won't forget the photo ops for the Japanese tourists.

Here's the latest update: The Faire hasn't been cancelled for sure, but it hasn't been scheduled either. I've been told that if enough support is shown, management might be swayed to hold it once again! So everyone who wants to keep our faire alive, please let Casa Loma know!!!

Really?? Who told you that? I got the information from an official email to prior merchants and performers from Casa Loma. I followed up and was told it was extremely unlikely that there'd be another ever.

I got that info from the person who moderates the official Casa Loma facebook page. After I posted last, we "spoke" (online) more and it seems like it's off for sure this year. However she did say there's a possibility of it coming back in the future if the demand is high.


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