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Casa Loma Renaissance Festival cancelled.

Started by SwordintheStoneCrafts, December 15, 2010, 01:42:02 PM

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robert of armstrong

Quote from: Alacrity on January 07, 2011, 11:31:10 AM
What would it take to get a annually running multi-weekend renn fest in Ontario?

I have thought about this a million times... I even look when I am driving around Barrie for suitable sites for a Faire, thinking that I too need to win the lottery.

Some will remember the old Ontario RenFest that was held in Milton.  It was built and run by the same group that runs the Maryland RenFest.  It was building and building, but then the land was bought by Mattamy Homes to develop at a future time and that was the end of the Faire.  I was at the site a little while ago, I posted this on another forum:
How bad is this?  A week and a half ago, I happened to be in the area where the old Ontario RenFest used to be held.  Now, the Faire closed down after the 2004 season, when the land was bought up by developers.The land still hasn't been developed.

I had to stop, and went for a walk, across the field that used to be for parking, and into the grounds proper.  Although all the buildings are gone, the grounds are otherwise still as they were, just really overgrown - there are still octagon shaped benches around trees, and fences around the old archery area were still there, and there were even foundations for two of the vendor shops still there.  I wandered out to the Field of Honour (the jousting and foot battle field), which still had it's benches on the hills surrounding it, looking down onto four foot high grasses.  I even found the old suggestion box, still sitting on top of of it's post outside where the exit used to be, which at least a couple generations of birds have turned into a birdhouse.

I got goosebumps walking around there, remembering what was where, the people that we enjoyed it with and the things we did, the times we had.

When I got home, I had to empty out two closets and a couple bins of RenGear, spread it out on the spare room floor and look at it, longing to hit a Faire.  Although I had the urge to gear right up, I couldn't go too far - I put on a pair of bracers, then took them off.  I put on my helm, then took it off and put it away.  I put on a peasent shirt and a vest that I hadn't worn in years, then took them off and put them away too.

Man we need a permanent, multiweekend Faire to call home.  Bad
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Hausfrau Monica


There are now only three faire days this season that I will be able to attend.  Very sad.