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Head count for friday night..... If you could let me know so I can let the owner of the pub know what to expect or maybe we can work out a buffett style for food if anyone is interested.....

I did list all of the names of the Michigan PETS that I have.... if there are more of you out there that are PETS or PINNED members.... please get with me.

Also ....giggle...... we have been challenged!!!!  I have been bragging about how Michiganders can party so I recieved a challenge ...."we will see about that" was the response I got..... lol

Hey Michigan M'Cracks is there anyone from the Detriot area that could pick me up from the airport Friday August 19th? I'm looking for a ride and can pay 20$

Nailin - Maybe a hint as to what airport and what time would help.  There are a few airports around here.  Detroit Metro? or City Airport? or Flint airport?

Nailin - keep me or the PET picking up know if anything changes with your schedule.... otherwise safe journey's to you!

This weekend is going to be one to remember for sure... there are surprises in store for everyone!!!  (giggling) 8)


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