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Cannot reach the Craft Coordinator, front line is a bit slow

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Lady Kelly:
Hi Guys,

I am actually hoping that with any luck the Craft Coordinator for GMLF is reading this forum or at least someone who knows him.

For a reminder, I am Kelly Beard wife of fantasy artist Ed Beard Jr.  We were regular vendors at GMLF for years but about 3-4 years ago, (can't remember exactly how long!) the faire was not great and we made the decision to take a break from it.  Then rumor had it that a new ED and new Craft Coordinator were making a difference and people liked going again.

We have been called regularly and written each year to come back.  We had other commitments at that time but our faire manager really wanted us to go back this year.  We received a letter months ago with another Welcome and come back.  So, we have called for the last 2 weeks at least 4 times.  The young lady at the front desk always says Steve Bowen is the guy but he is never there.  Then she says she will give him a message.  She also suggests that we can e-mail the faire and they will pass the printed out e-mail to Steve.

So, either Steve is extremely busy...never near a phone...or is not getting the messages.  This is kind of frustrating and a little foreboding.  We really wanted to give the faire another shot.  We have been away for a while and beside our manager requesting to go back, we have had lots of collectors of Ed's work asking when we are coming back.

Any thoughts?  Does anyone know how to get in touch with Steve?  If anyone can help but would like not to list on the forum any contacts or info, please e-mail me. 

Thanks!   Glad to be back on the forum!
-Lady Kelly

Capt. Morgan:
Dear Lady Kelly....

You may want to try posting on Master Trevor Site...I know alot of GLMF Office people visit there as well:


I hope this helps out...

trevor ylisaari:
Lady Kelly.
You have an email.

Not sure if Steve isn't getting the messages or if he is just swamped with things to do.
Don't forget, not only is he the craft coordinator, but he is also a vendor as well, who has a workshop of his own to run also. So he is probably busy trying to get stock made for faire also.
But he is usually in the office at least once a week to touch base with everyone and take care of things that he can't do from home.

Lady Kelly:
Thank you for the replies.  We had much success reaching Steve, he did have a lot of stuff going on recently.  We will be back at the faire this year in attendance once more.  Look forward to seeing everyone.

Goodness, even the campsite owner and grounds manager of where we will be staying at remembered Ed and was so happy he was coming back. 

The family will be there with Ed on opening weekend...not sure where we will be located yet but look us up and come say HI!!!

Thanks again!

Huzzah!  I love Ed's gargoyles!  Looking forward to seeing you guys again!


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