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I'm truly sorry to be the bearer of ill tidings... for those of you that haven't heard, Roland passed away this last Sunday.

Or more recently...

His death was very unexpected.  Paramedics, family, and friends all responded to his call for help, unfortunately we were all too late.

For those who wish to attend his viewing, it will be on Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm at Greenwood Funeral Home. The address is 3100 White Settlement Rd, Ft. Worth TX 76107.

For those who wish to attend his memorial, the venue has yet to be chosen, but tentatively will be on Saturday afternoon/evening in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Details will be posted as plans are confirmed.  There are no plans for a memorial fund at this time.

Roland was the person that first introduced me to Four Winds, some 14 years ago.  He was a good friend and long time personal companion.  I'm still too stunned to believe  he's gone. Eventually it will sink in.  Faire will not be the same without him.

Please keep Roland and his family in your thoughts and/or prayers.  This has been very stressful on family and friends.  He has said repeatedly that we should not be sad for his passing, but to think of it as just one more opportunity to come together as a family.

Good bye for now, my friend...

Dana Hill (a.k.a. Stalkwell)

May he rest in peace, my thoughts are with his family.

I haven't seen Roland since I moved to Houston in 2003.
But I do remember seeing & talking with him many mornings, before cannon at Scarby, during the late 90's.

Sorry to hear of his passing.
I will be praying for his family and friends.

Take Care,
David Baldock

Lady Rosaline:
So sorry to hear the new. Prayers will be said for him family and friends.

Lady Kett:
Rest in peace, Roland. May your family and friends find comfort in their memories.


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