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Anyone from the Milwaukee, Pewaukee area -checking on realtives in storm


Lady Amy of York:
Hi everyone. I have aunts, uncles and cousins back in the Milwaukee, Pewaukee, Waukesha area. My mom has been trying to call them, but can't get through. If anyone from there reads this, please let me know how things are out that way.  We have heard reports of flooding, and that Pewaukee Lake which some of my realtives live on was cresting .Also if anyone is from the Burlington, or Madison area. I have relatives there too !

Thankyou !   :)

Lord Clisto of York:
Yes, lots of people here in the Milwaukee county got hit hard and flooded basements etc. Some are still an issue. But, people are ok. I was lucky with the new sump pump and it worked well. I am also on a little higher ground to.

Lady Amy of York:
thank you sir for the info   ! :)

Lord Clisto of York:
2 plus inches more coming this afternoon and tonight. Can't catch a break yet. We will have to see what comes out of this. Our Upper Wisconsin faire opens this weekend as well.

Lord Sir Clisto of York

Lady Amy of York:
I talked to relatives last night who live on Pewaukee lake, and their dock was washed away, and thy have water in the basement. first time it has ever happen, since the house has been there, and the house dates back...trying to think when my granndpa would have built it....i'm guessing the 1940's.

this weather has been crazy all over. we even got hit here in northern New York by a possible tornado on Monday. We lucked out personally, but alot of places around us got hit hard,trees down, roofs off of buildings.
You can't tell me it has nothing to do with global warming ! :) ;)


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