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Another ticket sale!

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trevor ylisaari:
For those who don't get he newsletter from GLMF here it is.

One Last Pre-Season Offer to Our Friends of the Faire

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire opens in less than one month - are you ready? We're not, but we're getting there...

In honor of Father's Day we've rolled back ticket prices for one last sale! Place your ticket order before midnight on June 20th and receive $4.00 off the current gate price for each Adult Ticket ordered. Treat Dad like a King and Save!

We've a number of new exciting events at the Faire in 2008, as well as the return of some old favorites: we've brought back our ever-popular Feasts, every Saturday at 4:30pm. A private show with your meal - what more could you ask for? Tickets are available online now at $5 off the gate price - get your fingers clicking, 'cause the Feasts always sell out. And tickets for the Zoppé Family Circus are also on sale: join Nino for just one weekend, August 2-3 and see why we brought back this traditional Italian circus for another year - there's three shows each day, and the third show includes a BBQ with the circus cast (we like to feed our patrons!).

What else is new this year? How about:

A Viking Village, Thor's Obstacle Course, and a Swashbuckling Pirate Adventure Ship
Themed Beer Tasting every weekend & home-brewing techniques school
Royal Pet Procession and Costume Contest
New Crafters, New Foods, New Entertainment, New Rides, New Games!
In fact, there's so much new stuff we added a page to the website just to hold it all - click "New this year!" and see what's in store.
Finally, as part of our effort to be as Green as possible, we are discontinuing our paper / mail-out promotional program. In the past the Great Lakes Medieval Faire had sent out thousands of brochures every year, but no longer - from now on all announcements will be through email newsletters like this one. If you have friends or family who are wondering why the didn't receive anything in the mail this year, let know they can sign-up online on the front page of the website. All our sales, announcements and special offers are a bonus only for our Online Friends of the Faire (that's you!).

Less than a month to go!

Do you know if they are going to do the 2 for 1 on opening weekend?  I can't find that on the website.  Thanks!

trevor ylisaari:
I haven't heard or seen anything about it.
As far as I can remember, they only did that promotion the 2 seasons that John was the ED.

Lady de la Warr:

--- Quote from: mehan on June 11, 2008, 08:46:15 AM ---Do you know if they are going to do the 2 for 1 on opening weekend?  I can't find that on the website.  Thanks!

--- End quote ---

mehan - if you are going to attend both Saturday and Sunday you are better off getting a weekend pass for $25 each. That's what we are going to do since we'll be there all weekend.

The Father's day special would be good if you are only going on Saturday though being's it $15.95.

I wonder if I could sneak in as part of the cast? ... I guess not  ... how about a bartender .... no, the stumbling would give it away ... I guess I could go with the fail safe - trash collector, yup that's it!


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