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Renaissance Festival Podcast #156  Interview with MooNiE the MagnifCent                         

Podcast: Play in new window  | Download Music from Malarky and Poppycock, Blackjacks n Blarney, The  Shantyman, 3 Pints Gone, Iris and Rose, Bedlam Bards, The  Bordercollies, In Our Cups, The Interpreters, and Gypsy Guerrilla Band
 Sponsor: Celtic Invasion Vacations

Wouldnt it be amazing to walk among the rolling green
 hills of Ireland? Picture the texture of standing
 stones, the sounds of Irish fiddle, and the wet taste
 of Guinness on your lips and youre just now beginning to
 understand the magic of each Celtic Invasion of Ireland.
 Join Marc Gunn, The Celtfather as he travels to Ireland
 this summer. The next trip is scheduled for June 13-20, 2011.
 Find all the details when you visit the
 website at . NOTES:

Download 2005 and 2006 episodes on the website. Just click the link
 that says Music and scroll to the bottom.

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 The results have been compiled, and the winners will be announced soon. Please rate the podcast on iTunes
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Ave Maria by Malarky and Poppycock
 from A Drink to All

Hills of Connemara by Blackjacks n Blarney
 from Bite Size

Pump Shanty by The Shantyman
 from Pirates Life

On We Go by 3 Pints Gone
 from The Beaches Of St. Valery

Fairy Story by Iris  n Rose
 from The Bust of… Iris and Rose FEATURE  Interview with MooNiE the MagnifCent
 PROMO  Ren-Fest Experience Podcast

Rivers Jig by Bedlam Bards
 from On the Drift (Music Inspired by Firefly and Serenity)

Tom Bombadils House/Toms Morning Mocha by The Bordercollies
 from Laird of the Rings

Roll Me Over by In Our Cups
 from Foolish Pleasure

Sir Eglamore by The Interpreters
 from Be Gentle

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 listens to this podcast, tells their friends, and interacts with us on
 our various forums. A very special thanks to those who financially
 support the podcast by making donations or through your
 purchases of music through

Princess Royal by Gypsy Guerrilla Band
 from Ernies Pot O Gold II


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