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Re: Pantaloons OR Pantalettes
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Pantaloons and  Bloomers are common names for Under Drawers. Worn from the Elizabethan times, into the 20th Century.

Actually, worn before that. 

The milkmaid looks to be wearing pants of some sort beneath her gown.  There is also an archeological dig being conducted in Germany right now that has had some very interesting find in terms of both men and women's underwear from the 15th c.  Those cute bikini bottoms with the ties at the sides?  Yeah, they had that for undies.   

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Re: Pantaloons OR Pantalettes
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Aka Lady Guinevere's Secret.  :D... a little morning udies humor...

Seriously though...just when I think I know about something, I come here and learn so much more.  :)


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