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Sheriff Sale of NCRF Property?

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Just was sent this on Facebook!/notes/chris-peters/nc-renfaire-is-dead-only-one-left-now-is-in-charlotte-nc/10150092517874102
I was under the impression that the fair was a go for this year.

Any info, anyone


Ice Mage:
I Heard this through another site as well.  The web site shows the faire still being a go.  I have sent a message to the General Manager Donna, to get a clear picture on their status.  As soon as she responds, I will let everyone know.

Ice Mage:
So I have recieved a response to my E-Mail, and here is what Donna had to say.

"Hey Michael:

Thank you for your kind inquiry.  We did have a very rocky season in 2010 and we are still dealing with it, but, I am pleased to announce that we having our spring Faire and have some great things planned.   Our second weekend will be our regular Tartan Day Celebration with Highland Games featured.

We are trying to put ourselves in a much better position for the future.   Along those lines, we have moved to Knightdale, a suburb community of Raleigh in Wake County.

We need to have good attendance so let's nip these rumors in the bud.    :)

Donna Varner-Sheaves
President & Executive Director
The North Carolina Renaissance Faire & The Historical Enrichment Society "

That's a nice reply, but is the sheriff sale happening. If so how can the fair possibly open with everything in the warehouse being sold. I smell a problem again.

Ice Mage:
I can only Imagine that it is the materials left over at their old location.  Which may or may not hurt them in the Knightdale Location.  I suppose only time will tell for certain.


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