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The  2011 spring faire is a month away.It's time to start getting the garb ready and thinking about this first visit of the season.

Indeed!!!!!!!!! :)

Bob of the Lake:
I've never attended this faire before (a bit of a drive for me), but some familiar and favorite performers are scheduled so I'm really considering it this year. I have no doubt that I'd enjoy it--it's just the logistics involved! 

daniel paul:
this will also be my 1st attendance of this faire. cant wait.

Merlin the Elder:
Looks like quite a lineup!  I just saw Abby Green performing with EJ Jones at Sherwood. I didn't get to hear her sing, but she can definitely play!  I'd love to come up to see Chase Masterson, but that's just a guy thing...  :D

I hope you folks up there have a great faire!


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