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a few marylanders coming to visit

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daniel paul:
hello all

my wife and i as well as a couple of our other rennie friends will be coming to visit your festival in mid may sometime. we will be looking for a few good acts to check out, along with a possibility of meeting up with a few new folks to chat and have a few drinks with. any suggestions?

this is a great faire..not too big..not too small. Great storyline...I believe Bret the "curious" magician will be there and he always puts on a very funny show. Wolgemut and the Rogues for and wine..and the privies are across a beautiful green field..nice. we are going the first 2 weekends of may..LF

daniel paul:
indeed. sounds wonderful. bret the "curious" magician. thx ill check it out. the rogues go w out saying. w MDRF as my home faire im quite familiar w them. sadly we are not hosting them this season so this may be  my only chance to see them. wolgemut are always an excellent show. ive been meaning to buy one of their CDs for a few years now. perhaps this will be the time i actually do. i cant wait to take the walk to the privies across the lovely green feild of which you speak. thx again for the info.

we will be there the first 2 weekends of May, maybe we will get a chance to meet. :) cannot get here fast enough!!!!!LF

daniel paul:
yeah faire season never gets here fast enough. my wife, friends, and i will be there both days of the week end of may 14th and 15th. were always down for a meet up if the schedules  work out.


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