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The Village Idiots are coming to North Carolina!


Village Idiots - Kevin:

Once upon a time there were three very different little boys who grew up to be three very different men with three things in common: they're funny, they're handsome, and they work for me. My name is Charlie…ok so Charlie’s Angels we’re not. The members of The Village Idiots™ have been entertaining audiences around the world for years separately, and have now joined their comedic and musical powers to fight against the evil forces of boredom! With their unique blend of music, harmony, and comedic brilliance, The Village Idiots™ are certain to have you laughing so hard, you’ll do something involuntary and messy! They’re hystericalicious!

2010 - #2 Best Musical Comedy Act (Renaissance Festival Music Podcast Awards)
2010 - #2 Best New CD (Renaissance Festival Music Podcast Awards)

I was reluctant to get excited about you guys at first, I mean look at the name and the WoW logo that you PhotoShopped to say "The Village Idiots"

But then I watched your YouTube video and laughed my weed puller off. So I am officially excited about you guys coming to NCRF and cant wait to see the show.

Village Idiots - Kevin:
LOL The logo kind of needs some context, I guess.

I am a big fan of parody. like huge. Not to say that's all we do, but some of the best stuff we've done is parody. So when I designed our first CD cover, I wanted it to appeal to our fanbase. Since we're all self confessed big time nerd/geeks, I went with a WoW theme...which ended up spoofing a WoW expansion pack. So what you're seeing is a fraction of our first CD cover, entitled Epic Win. We're all big time nerds, albeit I'm not the gamer, that's Peter (the guy in red). Thanks for watching the vid, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. We'll see you at the faire!


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