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Frugal Scots?

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So, do you know how copper wire was invented?
-Two Scotsmen fighting over a penny.

Seriously though, anyone know how far back the stereotype goes of the frugal Scot?

brier patch charlie:
I think it's more of a 19th century thing / Victorian era.


Yankee "thrift", Southern "hospitality", Mid-Western "values", etc.

Today the Scots themselves propogate the reputation of thier *ahem* fiscal frugality more for marketing value.   I read that in all of the British Isles the Scots give more to charity then any other peoples.

I think the ancient way of life for the Picts/Scots required frugality for simple survival and then the later Protestant Reformation and the severity of John Knox cemented the ideals.

Two Scots bet a penny on who could hold his head under water the longest.

They both drowned.

Julianne - that last makes a lot of sense.
I wonder also how much Adam Smith might have to do with it? Being pretty much the center of economic thought for a time could nae have hurt.

Heh - Ages ago, a wonderful travelling player by the name of Mike Rayburn quipped at my school -

"Yeah, he's Scots-Irish. Means half of him always wants to get drunk, and the other half never wants to pay for it."



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