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Mae govannen!

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Scotty Hunter:
Well met, friends. I notice a silent breeze moves through the area. Perhaps we are a little shy? No need to be. I shall place a neutral greeting here to all in the Glade, and rest for a while in the event you feel obliged to greet me.  ;D

I took a wrong turn in the forest of Introductions to the north, but I have regained my path to my proper place among my fellow Elves, and elven-kind.

Quel fara.

~Sylenos Swiftarrow

Greetings, Sylenos Swiftarrow, whose path has brought you to this place where all are welcome.  Tis often quiet in this peaceful corner which we elves and fey have made our own.

Welcome to the Glade!

Mae govannen!

We do tend to be shy, and I think there are not as many of us as there used to be.  We will talk, though, if someone has a good topic! :)

The elves are returning!!!!  WOOHOO!!


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