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Time to get excited about the 2011 season

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Hausfrau Monica:
Hey everyone! Time to come out of hibernation and start thinking about faire.

I believe that first up is the Great Northern Medieval Fayre just outside of Collingwood the last weekend in May.  This is my "home" faire and I am really looking forward to it.  Linda has been working very hard to improve upon last year's first attempt; there will be a feast this year.

Aelynn and I had a wonderful lunch yesterday catching up on lots of things and talking faire and garb.  I gave her a bolt of fabric so I know she will be busy busy busy sewing new garb for her girls and herself.

My excitement is building and I am secretly hoping that I don't find work too soon so that I have time to work on perfecting my pretzels to sell at faire.  Still a work in progress but I hope that it will happen if I can figure out a reasonable food cost.  So, come on now and share your excitement about our new faire season.  Who has plans already made, who has new garb, what shows will be coming, who will be attending where?????

I can hardly wait for the Country Renaissance Festival and Pirate Festival ;D.  Just wish that the Casa Loma Renaissance Festival wasn't canceled :(.

Hausfrau Monica:
I agree with you, Cornwall.

Next up after GNMF is the one in Milton.  We are planning on attending that one too.  What is the next faire after that?

After Country Ren Fest (June 4-5), the year's schedule is...

Enchanted Ground aka Faery Fest in Guelph (June 18-19)

The Pirate Festival in Milton (July 30 - Aug 1)

Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo (Sept 17)

As far as I know, that's it for this year! We won't be making it to Collingwood, but we'll be at all the others. See you there!

Hausfrau Monica:
Oh and Raven will be missed, my Lady.

How are your plans for camping at Country Renn Fest coming?


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