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Great Merlin the Elder..... bring your coin purse because you will not be disappointed.  My family spent about 600.00 as I said earlier and pricing that same merchandise at large faires like Texas Renaissance Festival or Scarborough would cost 3X as much.  For example I bought a long sword with an actual leather handle in an actual tooled leather sheath for 25.00 and my son was able to purchase a hand carved wizard staff for 35.00.  There were more incredible deals but I will let you find those next season.  The entertainment was really good as well.  You can catch what I call sing a longs all over the faire.  A couple musicians from different bands sitting down in the shade and just jamming with each other.  I did have one bad experience (see previous post) but I know to just avoid that vendor next year.  My children even liked the faire and being 5 children ranging from 13 to 7 with mental and emotional issues it is a true testament to a function when it is able to engage them from the opening gate to the closing gate.  I could go on and on.....

My husband and I attended Four Winds last year and we had a wonderful time. The joust was incredible! We loved it! Like MrHyde was saying, there are a lot of sing-a-longs that you come upon that are really neat. The prices of the food are really reasonable and if you get a chance to catch it, check out the blacksmith demonstration: it's awesome!


--- Quote from: Merlin the Elder on May 01, 2011, 06:57:30 AM ---We very seriously considered diverting and stopping there and spending the day on the way to the Scarby preview event this year. Will have to actually do it next time.

--- End quote ---

Here's an aerial view of the site -

Google Maps - County Rd 2178, Troup, TX

Take Care,
David Baldock

And here's a ground level view of the site (with faces  ;)

Four Winds from Stalkwell Perspective

Most of these joust shots were from Four Winds...

Jousty Goodness

BTW, that satellite shot was from over a year ago... there were many more hard structures up this year.

Stalk well...

Anyone taking photos there this year?
   It's just a bit far for me to day trip.


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