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Hey everyone,
I am a newer fae and I have a question on the makeup. I am a water fae and my garb is blues/turquoise/silvers etc. I really don't want to do blue makeup, but am wondering what other colors I should use? I honestly thought about doing it with browns like I do every other day and maybe a sheer lipgloss, but I am not really sure... any ideas?

Well, what SYLE of makeup are you thinking of doing?  If you are just doing "mundane" makeup then I suppose the colors don't really matter too much.  If you are going to mystify it a bit I would use silvers with touches of blue and turquoise.  Are you thinking full face color?  Hairline color?  Designs?  Adding jewels, fake lashes, glitter?  As with all things fae you can take it to the extreme or keep it pretty tame or find somewhere in between that suits you best.  I, personally, like the look of more fantasy makeup on the fae (not that I always do it for myself, but I do enjoy it!)  There are quite a few YouTube tutorials on fairy makeup and those could help you get some ideas.  =)

Adriana Rose:
you tube has some really good tutorials for fae make up

many shades of green, silver, sandy brown would all look nice

I might bring out the silver actually it will be typcial, but it will look great with your silver in your costume.


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