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Niennis the Faun
« on: May 15, 2011, 09:15:12 AM »
I figured it was time to post a bit about meself!

Me name is Niennis, and, as you can tell by the hooves and horns, I'm a faun. I was born in Germany but quickly moved to Scotland, hence the fair accent I've been told I have. I'm young for a faun, only 84, but that doesn't keep me from traveling to England when I can. My ancestors far back are from the plains near Kenya on the large continent to the south. I sport gazelle features from that bloodline.

I am mostly care-free and love to laugh and bring mischief around, but know when to avoid certain creatures and people. I feel more comfortable around other cryptos, but try my best to fit in with humans. I often get asked "How do you walk on those things?" in regard to my hooves. Usually I smile and say "How do you walk on what you've got?"

Oh, and you can never always trust a faun.
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