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Marietta Graziella:
Thought it would be nice to get some chatter going on this board...

I know there are quite a few folks heading to Chippewa Falls on the weekend on June 11/12.  Chime in!

It is Pirate themed weekend and I believe there is a contest for best Jack Sparrow (male or female).  Personally I think limiting your contest to one specific incarnation of pirate is a bad idea but it's not my goat.

At the camp grounds... are there any plans for group dinners?  Pot lucks?  What about discount tickets? Caravans?  Ms. Trish and I will be heading over Friday before noon.

What's the news my friends?

June 11 & 12- Giggles and I will be heading that way Sat morning- monster free!!!!!!!  =D
We will be staying at the hotel (Country Inn?) Sat night and heading home sometime Sunday after my foot rub by Merlin at Ladies of the Lake.  =D
As of right now I have no piratical plans- but I have a "Harbor Harlot" gown I could pull out...
I bought fabric today so I may have a new noble's by that time!!!!!!  =D
We may be Fairies on that Sunday, not sure yet.

But anyhoo, I GET A KID FREE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!    ;D

Chippewa will packed that weekend!  So many people coming for the invasion  ;D

Marietta Graziella:
Hurray to you ladies making the trip without your kidlets in tow!  Marvelous!

I'm starting to waffle. I had originally thought I wouldn't be going because a certain young man couldn't make it more than 15 minutes in a car seat without breaking down, however that is no longer an issue. Now I realize I'm also supposed to work that weekend, so I'd need to take vacation leave for 2 nights to even make a day trip.
On the other hand there are going to be so many fabulous people there!
And on the third hand, not sure how the costumes are fitting these days...
Oh decisions, decisions...

***wanders off to email scheduling to see if vacation leave is even a possibility***


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