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Gauwyn of Bracknell:
M'Lady and I shall be there (actaully a business trip for my wife in the area).  Most likely will also have the young squire :)

Marietta Graziella:

*sending good vibes for Leyla so she can get the time off*

*clapping clapping clapping*

I know there are still loads more people going on the June 11th weekend.  Where are youuus?


--- Quote from: Leyla on May 18, 2011, 03:45:38 AM ---I'm starting to waffle. I had originally thought I wouldn't be going because a certain young man couldn't make it more than 15 minutes in a car seat without breaking down, however that is no longer an issue. Now I realize I'm also supposed to work that weekend, so I'd need to take vacation leave for 2 nights to even make a day trip.
On the other hand there are going to be so many fabulous people there!
And on the third hand, not sure how the costumes are fitting these days...
Oh decisions, decisions...

***wanders off to email scheduling to see if vacation leave is even a possibility***

--- End quote ---

Garb, schmarb!  Bring your stash tomorrow, you'll have quite a few helpful helpers to help you figure it all out!  =D

Ms Trish:
Oh I'll be there! This will be a fun way to start my vacation season!

Prince Thomas:
We will be headed out friday night, and hitting the grounds early saturday for the whole day. Can't wait to meet most of you!! We will be struttin our stuff with our R/F pins on!!


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