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St Molden's Weekend 2012

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Welsh Wench:
Is it too early to plan the date?

St Patrick's Day is Saturday, March 17th.
Is this the weekend we want?

I'm trying to snag the week off from work and putting my request in early.

Input, anyone?

Captain Jack Wolfe:
Not too early at all, love.  I'm already saving up for it.  Whichever week gets chosen, I'll be there!   ;D

NoBill Lurker:
Are there yet?

Are there yet?

Are there yet?

I ain't waitin fer plans - this year it may just be separate from any group invasion plans (heard some say they may want t' go a different weekend cuz St. Pat's at BARF will likely be crowded...)

Int' th' Abyss sez I!  8) I ain't leavin' me fate t' wait fer someone else t' say.

Tradition stands w' me an' thar be no place I'd rather be -- thus,

I been appearin in this part o' th' world on th' weekend closest t' St. Patty's as' with it fallin' on Saturday -

an' o' course Friday an' Sunday too!  :D

T' all - I'd love t' see y' there - but do as ye will...I sail me own way, I encourage ye t' do th' same.  ;D

Captain Jack Wolfe:
Oh, hells to the YEAH!!  It's on the travel itinerary for next year, no question!  :D ;D

OK, so I was gonna be in town anyway to visit my adoptive faire.  This makes it all the more fun!


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