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I think we will be going to the mmrf, if not today then tomorrow. Ive gotten myself something to wear done, and I really like it, though its surely not HA. I finished a piratey shirt for DH, though he hasnt yet tried it on, revamped a pirate shirt from a couple halloweens ago for my little boy, still need to finish a chemise for my oldest daughter, and a shirt for my oldest boy, and the sulky 13 yr old is reluctantly wearing a store bought peasant skirt and blouse, bc while she may agree to go with me she is NOT going to enjoy herself, bc it is, of course, dumb and lame and whatever (but most of life is just that for the sulky 13 yr old, lol)

when I tried my outfit on to show my daughter, my puppy flipped out and thought I was a stranger in the house, and couldnt figure out how I had gotten in, as she had been faithfully guarding the door:) I guess thats a good thing? lol


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