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Fae Safety supply?

Started by saphire_glade, June 12, 2011, 10:33:42 PM

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So I have a question for all my fellow fae. Since we spend much of our time down on the ground kneeling at kid level, I am sure we have all experienced brusies and pain in our knees. I have purchased some knee pads, but all I get are version of rug burn and the worst pinching in the back of my knees.

So I am asking all of you if you have knee pads that work wonderfully, don't leave rug burn or pinch, and if so where did you get them and how much am I looking at?

*the very sore kneed*
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Have you tried the slip on ones?

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Being as I am a regal Elf, and I kneel to no one (oo, that sounded so high and mighty :D) I may not be of much help... however in a past life I was somewhat involved in prop building and aerial rigging for broadway-type stageplay, cirque du soleil and some cinema and many of the actors that had to drop to their knees in dramatic moments on a wooden stage or cement/cobblestone flooring, or tumblers and acrobats that did both floor and aerial work night after night used oversized pads such as these:
I can't vouch that this is the exact brand, but it looks just the same.

They could be hidden under skirts and pants, even tighter spandex without being insanely obvious, were oversized to be worn sometimes 12 hours at a time without cutting off circulation or causing rashes/burns, and provided plenty of padding. Thin enough material that they were warm but not overly hot, and were quite breathable.
And even for fat girls who risk denting the cement when they hit their knees, it protected my knees just fine in a random bout of clowning around. ::)
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