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Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire


Bob of the Lake:
I stumbled on this faire's website by chance and it is going on now and runs through July 3. Has anyone been to the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire in Ansonia, CT or know anything about it? I never knew it existed!

Hi Bob,

my friends rave about it so worth a schedule conflicts but the organizer is a great guy and performer.

Bob of the Lake:
Thanks, Temper--I'm going to try to get out there. Yeah, I've met Daniel before and seen him perform but had no clue he ran a faire!

Is anybody going to this faire for the next few weekends? I am going to try to make it, even though it might be for half the day or so since my job likes to schedule me on the weekends. >_<

Hello All,

I know this is an older post, but I am curious about this Renfair myself.  The title seems to indicate this Renfest might be more fairy / fantasy driven, but when I looked at some clips on YouTube it seems that it is very story driven and they have quite a few stage acts.   They have some vendors, but not a lot as it looks like the location is not very large.  I see they have knight combat, but no jousting. 

Here is the website:

I can't really make a call on this one myself as to what I have seen, it is too little information to go by.   I would appreciate it if someone that has been to this fair could give a run down as to what goes on there.   I don't see much for kids to do, and that is a concern of mine.

Thank You,



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