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Hi! Forest Name Help?

Started by Princess Chloe, June 26, 2011, 11:11:40 PM

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Princess Chloe

Hi! I'm not exactly new, but this is my first time posting.

So, I have been going as an elf for the past couple of years (think Tolkien like), but I haven't really thought of a name for myself. Now, I need help naming my forest!
Some ideas I had:
-Dogwood Forest
-Elder Forest
-Everlasting Forest
-Black Thorn Forest
-Amaranthian Forest
(I'm also open to any ideas any of you might have! :p )
Which one is your favorite, or what is your idea?

Thank you!!(:

Scotty Hunter

Mae govannen my fellow elf. The Glade is quiet, so sit a while and wait for the more shy residents to have their say. I go by Sylenos Swiftarrow in my elf persona, also a Tolkien-type leather-clad archer in the making, as it were. Story wise I am usually found in the Three Springs Forest, south of the Rivers Edge and the Great Rock Wall. ;)

Personally, from your list, I like Everlasting the most; though depending on your persona, Black Thorn is nice as well if you have an ornery side. ;D
~May the leaves of your life-tree never turn brown.~